Products certified by the European ENEC certification system.

They meet all quality and safety specifications in accordance with European Standards.


These are intended for the lighting of motorways, national roads, toll stations, and large urban squares. Also, for loading and unloading bays and parking areas for cars, lorries, trains, ships and aeroplanes.


These are intended for the lighting of city streets, community & rural roads, residential areas, residential squares, parks, pedestrian precincts, and bicycle lanes. Also, for small outdoor parking areas, industrial buildings and parks, and any other type of building as exterior perimeter security lighting.


These are intended for the lighting of commercial, major and smaller industrial, storage, and sports installations, as well as department stores. Also, for indoor parking areas, tunnels & bridges, as well as for special applications in architectural lighting (wash lighting, etc.)

The Driver is the heart of an LED light. It is “smart” because it is self-testing, self-adjusting, low on power consumption, highly efficient and safe. We are the exclusive designers of our smart Drivers and we certify them according to EN, as required by the ENEC mark.
The Photodiodes (LED Chips) are responsible for the quality of the light and the lifespan of a LED light. We use exclusively OSRAM, which has many years of experience, it is the global leader in photodiode technology, and guarantees their use for more than 100,000 hours.
The Body is responsible to a great degree for the longevity of an LED light. It is manufactured using a special high heat-conduction aluminium alloy, and its design is an innovation. It has been designed by us and is registered at EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office).


Energy Plus produces LED lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor spaces, intended for use on

  • street lighting (motorways and national, rural, country, city streets, etc.)
  • lighting squares, road junctions, toll stations, etc.
  • lighting parks, pedestrian precincts, outdoor spaces in general, as well as industrial plots
  • lighting car, train, ship and aeroplane large outdoor parking and docking areas
  • lighting interior areas for major and smaller industrial buildings, major and smaller industrial offices, warehouses & storage complexes, sports facilities, indoor parking areas, department stores, tunnels & bridges, roads & railways
  • special requirement and application indoor and outdoor lighting


Energy Plus has completed several indoor and outdoor lighting projects, some of which were especially demanding.

Lighting in the STILL Hellas P. Bolis & Co

Lighting in the STILL Hellas P. Bolis & Co

Lighting in the Kalfoplast company

Lighting in the Kalfoplast company

Lighting in the Myró Antiques House

Lighting in the Myró Antiques House


The Company


At ENERGY PLUS we are structured in such a way so as to serve our corporate values consistently. We steadily upgrade and certify all our products to the highest European standards. We offer quality services and technical support to our Clients. We resolve complex Client problems, carrying out specialised lighting studies. We meet both at a planning and construction level, the most demanding projects, even in extreme conditions.


At Energy Plus we place great emphasis on choosing the appropriate parts and materials for our products. We always select the best possible quality to meet requirements with respect to the display performance, comfort, energy efficiency, long-term operation, and reliability of all our products. The importance of the cost of operating lighting fixtures has grown and will continue to do so.

At ENERGY PLUS we are already fully prepared to meet current and future demands for quality, energy efficient and low-cost life cycle LED technology lighting fixtures.

High Quality