Energy Plus manufactures LED technology luminaires. The Company’s scientific staff carries out pioneering research in the fields of design, lighting, optical units of the LED chips and electronics. As a result it holds patents and international certifications in its field of activity. In 2016 Energy Plus completed the design and moved on to the certification (CE ENEC) and started manufacturing LED technology luminaires. At the same time expanded the portfolio of available products to include LED bulbs and luminaires as commercial products, commencing its cooperation with other quality certified manufacturers. Energy Plus has high calibre, dynamic and well-trained executives in all sectors of activity. By constantly investing in excellently trained staff and new technologies, it is a Greek company that aims to become recognized throughout Europe.
In 2020, Energy Plus is the authorised distributor of innovative Transec products the online moisture monitoring & drying solutions for oil insulated transformers as well as Fipres products the fire prevention system.
In 2020, Energy Plus started producing and promoting Lightning Quenchers pilot program with four new products. Delivery around global in target areas with high density lightning strikes per square km with extremely high cost benefits for its clients.


Energy Plus was founded in 2012, the object of its work being the manufacturing and utilisation of photovoltaic power production parks.


In 2015 it created an LED lighting fixture manufacturing unit in the Industrial Area of Sindos, Thessaloniki.


In September 2016 the Swiss interest international group
‘EHOT ENERGY HOLDING AND TRADING LTD took a share of Energy Plus’ share capital, dramatically increasing the Company’s capital base and know how.


Τhe contract was signed with the municipality of Fyli for more than 4000 luminaires.


Contract with the port of Hgoumenitsa was signed for around 100 luminaires. Another contract, with the municipality of Alimos was signed, for around 4000 luminaires.


Contract with the port of Thessaloniki was signed for more than 500 projectors.


ENERGY PLUS’s goal is to provide high quality, certified LED technology luminaires for the European market, at competitive prices in comparison to other European manufacturers.

Our mission at  ENERGY PLUS is to combine high quality and excellent aesthetics. We are consistently dedicated to European values regarding environmental sensitivity and high savings in energy and natural resources. We guarantee that our products are certified and of permanently high-quality.

At ENERGY PLUS we steadily upgrade and certify all our products to the highest European standards. We offer quality services and technical support to our Clients. We resolve complex Client problems, carrying out specialized lighting studies.

At Energy Plus we place great emphasis on choosing the appropriate parts and materials for our products. We always select the best possible quality to meet requirements with  respect to the display performance, comfort, energy efficiency, long-term operational life and reliability of all our products.

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