FPА – Fire Prevention Alarm



Fire Prevention Alarm

Fire Prevention Alarm (FPA) is designed to detect the threshold concentration of the signal gas in the protected object and to transmit the alarm signal.
FPA has a LED indicator for operating mode (READY, ALARM, ERROR) and LED for indicating communication with FPC.
FPA can be used with FPC, as well as independently (in this case an alarm signal can be obtained from a discrete output of the “dry contact” type).


FPА 24 (4S) – Fire Prevention Alarm

with 4 corded sensors

• FPA 24(4S) can be used for large switchgears / electrical panels with separated compartments

• Each corded sensor has a sensitivity as FPA 24/1 (for 1 m³)

• FPA can be placed outside the switchgears / electrical panel while corded sensors are placed inside

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