RLV Template [EN]

RLV Template [EN]


RLV 20A: 20-40 W RLV 21A: 10-40 W
RLV 20B: 50-90 W RLV 21B: 50-80 W
RLV 20C: 100-120 W RLV 21C: 90-150 W
RLV 20D:  150-200 W RLV 21D: 160-320 W
Color Temperature 4000K (3000K / 5000K / 5700K upon request)
Rating (Tightness – Impact) IP66 – IK09
Certifications & Test Standards CE, ENEC, TUV-GS, CB, TM21, LM79, LM80


Intended for the lighting of motorways, national roads, city streets, community & rural roads, residential areas, residential squares, parks, pedestrian precincts and bicycle lanes.

lm 80 lm 79
IP 66
ik 09
energy plus

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