ULV Template [EN]

ULV Template [EN]


ULV 20S (A,B,C,D) Power 20-50 W
Ø 38 cm
ULV 20 (A,B,C,D,E,F) Power 20-120 W
Ø 52 cm
Color Temperature 4000K (3000K / 5000K / 5700K upon request)
Rating (Tightness – Impact) IP66 – IK08
Certifications & Test Standards CE, ENEC, RoHS, LM80, LM79, TM21


The product family ULV is the essence of urban luminaires. Apart from being an excellent LED Luminaire has also architectural value. Its smart design allows for versatile forms.
As a result can cover all possible requirements of architectural appearance and installation method. So it can be installed in urban streets, public places, parking places, modern city centers, in inhabited, working and entertainment areas. Virtually everywhere where a modern design of urban inspiration and also of high creativity and aesthetics is required.

lm 80 lm 79
IP 66
ik 09
energy plus

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